Growing export and import of Pasta

Nepal's trade figure for pasta shows great prospect for MSMEs
Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

Many of Kathmandu’s streets are bustling with small pasta makers and their modest enterprises. While competing with globally renowned brands can be challenging, the locally produced pasta’s quality and its demand offer substantial rewards.

Nepal stands as one of the world’s large per capita consumers of instant noodles, trailing only South Korea and Vietnam, surpassing countries like China, Japan, and India. This appetite for both instant noodles and uncooked pasta presents a strong opportunity to build your MSMEs around pasta/noodles.

When import quantities and values are scrutinized, Nepal reveals a lucrative market gap that is poised to be filled by MSMEs in the near future. 

Let’s delve into import and export data of pasta to gain a comprehensive understanding of Nepal’s pasta consumption trend and exports market.


The above pasta trade figures include i) uncooked pasta containing eggs not stuffed, ii) uncooked pasta, not containing eggs, not stuffed iii) stuffed pasta, whether or not cooked or otherwise prepared, and iv) other pasta, as categorized in the Department of Customs dataset.

By the way, check out one of the local producers of  dry pasta, soups spaghetti, chips and macaroni – Barari.